What is TRI Coin?

TRI Coin is a native token of TRI mining mobile app & its design for future developments & Funding for TRI projects. Its a core of TRICOIN project

What is the total supply of TRI Coins?

Total Supply: 1,00,000 Tokens

What is the halving cycle of a TRI Coin?

TRI Coin halving take place after 365 days and the generation of tokens drops half in every halving and it takes total 4 years to get all tokens in circulating

How much energy does TRI Coin app consumes?

It consumes less than 1% energy to mine TRI Coin

What is the contract address of TRI Coin?
How to get the TriCoin?

Tricoin will be divided into all people who have used the app & mined TRI POINTS continuously.On the time of withdrwal TRI POINTS rebalanced or say convert in TRI COIN according that how much TRI points mined till date & yearly TRI COINS release ratio

What is the Earning Model of TRI Coin?

TRI Coin earns money by showing ADVERTISEMENT because we are not doing any ICO/IDO/IEO so this is the only way to get the funds and run this project. If in the future, ADS are stopped for some reason then this project will also be stopped. Ads are the main revenue for the TRI team.

Withdrawal and Listing Time

The withdrawal process of TRI coins will be open when it collects its 90% funds. The information of the listing will be shared later in app.

TRI Coin Claim & Rebalancing

As of now, on 1st year total 40,000 tokens is unlocked which will be distributed among all the users who mined TRI POINTS in app.Total TRI POINTS mined will be divide by total coin allocated at the time when withdrwal open this process is known as Rebalancing & at that time you can claim TRI COIN in your BSC chain supported wallet

What is Refer System?

You can also earn TRI POINTS by referring your friend and earn 5% of their earnings. If your friend has registered by using your referral code then you will be rewarded.

Vision and Mission

The team wants to make a crypto ecosystem of different products in just a single roof like DEFI, NFT, YIELD, LAUNCHED-PAD, P2P, DEX and much more but projects add or change according to growth of market.

Is Tri Project Decentralized?

In starting all supply is in hand of team but as people mine it supply start distributed in people hand so after few time it fully decentralized like BITCOIN.

Roadmap & Whitepaper

TRICOIN doesn't have any whitepaper or roadmap yet, But it will be launched after the listing is completed at that time we also start working on development so at that time its better to launched.

What is TRI coin listing criteria & on which exchange & when?

TRI coin soft cap is $100k,so we need atlest $100k to run this project & after completeing $100k softcap then only team will go for listing.Listing exchanges will be declare before 1-2 day of listing.