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TRI coin is a native token for the ecosystem of the TRI network anyone can mine a tri coin from their mobile anytime anywhere and get access to the Crypto world freely.

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1 - Download TRI Coin by referral link

It works on refferal system so you can take refer from your friend and install it directly from Play Store

2 - Register with your Google Account

To start mining, You have to register with your Google Account to keep it secure

3 - Start Mining

You can start mining TRI Points by clicking on claim button in every 4 hours

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About us

We have been working in crypto and blockchain-space since 4 yrs+ as a Crypto Social Media Influencer and have worked with so many projects and exchanges. Now, We've build our own eco-system in Crypto and Blockchain-Space for community

Cryptovel - The Cryptopreneur
Crypto Social Media Influencer / Blockchain & Crypto-Space Developer

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  • App Launched
  • Website Launched
  • Building Comminity for Mining


  • Rebalancing
  • Open Withdrawal
  • Listing (After Softcap hit $100K)


  • Whitepaper
  • Own Blockchain (Build)
  • TestNet (Will launch)
  • MainNet (Will launch)
  • Redefine Possession


  • Start of Ecosystem Develoment
  • Multiple Chain Integration
  • Wallets for different platforms
  • Dex Integration
  • Data Portal (Oracle)


  • AI Integration
  • VM Operations
  • Voting System and Governance
  • Decentralized Identifiers
  • Verifiable Credentails
  • Universal Resolver
  • Bot


  • Upgarde to Core-v2
  • Lighting Network Integration
  • NFT
  • Gaming
  • Blockchain Services

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What is TRI Coin?

TRI Coin is a native token of TRI mining mobile app & its design for future developments & Funding for TRI projects. Its a core of TRICOIN project

What is the total supply of TRI Coins?

Total Supply: 1,00,000 Tokens

What is the halving cycle of a TRI Coin?

TRI Coin halving take place after 365 days and the generation of tokens drops half in every halving and it takes total 4 years to get all tokens in circulating

How much energy does TRI Coin app consumes?

It consumes less than 1% energy to mine TRI Coin

What is the contract address of TRI Coin?

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